Thursday, October 22, 2015

TIL: I Am A Canaanite?

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The Table of Nations that trace our ancestry all the way back to Noah has indicated that I descended from Canaan.

Per said table, the remaining 4 men that survived the deluge (Noah and sons Shem, Ham and Japheth) were commanded by God to reproduce and spread out. Ham's sons were: Mizraim, the one that settled in Egypt; Cush, the one who went to Ethiopia and north Sudan; Phut, who headed for Northwest Africa whom the Berbers of Morocco and Tunisia came from; and then Canaan, whose descendants ventured to Sidon, Gaza in Israel and even further away. Two of Canaan's sons, Khittae (Anglicized to Cathay) settled in North China via the Kyrgyzstan area and Sinite (the etymology of “Sino”) laid stake in mainland China.

Anthropologically speaking, my particular race (Southeast Asian) belongs to the Austronesian race of people which comprises the Formosan (Aboriginal Taiwan), the Malayan and Polynesian groups. Propagation of the Austronesian folks indicate that homo-sapiens migrated from mainland China, spread by sea through Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Polynesian Islands through Hawaii, down New Zealand town, and all around and back again like the hokey pokey. So technically, Russell Crowe is sort of my brother from another mother? Haha.

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But I digress, back to subject of the “Table of Nations,” the Bible writes that Ham “saw the nakedness of his father” when Noah became drunk with wine. What ever Ham did, it incurred the wrath of his father and caused Noah to curse Canaan, his grandson; it is implied however, that Ham and all his lineage is the subject of this obloquy, to my chagrin. All throughout the Book, Canaan fights with Israel again and again and upon establishing my Canaanite origin, a dichotomy occurs in me with this knowledge. Thankfully, I was born and am living at the time when redemption is not only nigh but in fact, has come! It also makes me thankful that I believe how I believe because with who I refer as my Redeemer, everyone, whether coming from Shem, Ham or Japheth through all this time, we can all be one in Jesus, no enemies, just friends! Peace yo.

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