Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jane Cumberbatch, Queen of Pure Style

Don't know if you know but Jane Cumberbatch is a deserving design heroine. Making old things new, new things classy, consolidating all design elements and finishing them exquisitely is her m├ętier. Her published "Pure" books:  Style, Design, Home and Garden, Colour, Outside and Living are bibles into making a home functional, stylish and very easy on the eyes. 

Her color palette, her use of calming earth tones and whites as if to renew and her home garden are enviable, followers of her blog are treated to the uplifting colors of the fruits and flowers her garden grows, new design features and recipes too. 


As a follower of her Instagram, I got a response from her for "liking" and commenting on one of her posts. (Ingratiating aside). So, what's not to like about her?

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