Monday, October 5, 2015


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What is it about Monday? why is it relentless in this way? Well, I believe it's because this is the only day out of the 7 days created (per my Bible) that wasn't blessed, in fact Monday was robbed of it's blessing by Tuesday, Tuesday has a double blessing! Is there an Orthodox Jewish wedding that happens on a Monday? Just asking.

The pagan origin for the names of the days even gives us a hint. 
  • Sunday is obviously a day for the "sun" a sunny disposition - woo!
  • Tuesday, Mar's day, yes it's for the war god but we've already conditioned ourselves for action by this day haven't we? hence Tuesday doesn't clip us in the jaw as Monday does.
  • Wednesday, hump day - it's Mecredi, so says the French, Mercury's day, the god of commerce and travel, my interpretation of it is that it's supposed to be a swift day because it will catapult us to Friday, and in my view it does! 
  • Thursday - Thor's day, if said fictitious god  really looks like Chris Helmsworth, then Ok, he can have it, also, it is a segue to Friday so who can hate that?
  • Friday,  it's the last day of the the work week (typically), it's Freya's day, Aphrodite to the Greeks, mortals rendezvous on this day after work, they unwind, couples have date night, it signifies that there is reprieve from all the madness!
  • Saturday - it's for Saturn, the mythical dude who believed he ruled the Earth during an age of happiness and value, sure, whatever. As for us mere mortals, the only time a Saturday gets ruined is if it's your "Monday," otherwise, we are bulletproof on Saturdays, aren't we?
Back to the quandary that is Monday, it's the day of the moon, meaning people get looney on this day? Co-workers are catty because their weekend was obtunded, employees don't show up and they come up with the most ludicrous of excuses from, "I have no clothes to wear" to "my grandpa died again."  How about the violent reactions of all sorts of people about Monday - Bob Geldof wants to "shoot the whole day down," it always got K. Carpenter down, a guy named Paul Merton said when he doesn't have to get up to work on this day, he feels that he has won; why aren't movies released on a Monday? Are they? and don't even get me started on what Maxine, the cartoon character will do about Monday. 

The song says, "Never On a Sunday," do you know why? because "things" will hit the fan on Monday!

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