Saturday, October 3, 2015


I "swear" up and down that London is my pied á terre; perhaps, I think, might be.  I had once begun my Exodus to the place, applied for a license reciprocity to work there, made plans on where to live and even the interior design of where I was going to stay. But alas, (el-oh-el), I met, fell in love and married my husband. Not a bad thing, no, but it only means I will miss the following on a regular basis: the British Museum, walking the Mall and Hyde Park, hunting out for the world's best fish and chips, window shopping at Harrods, fawning for the castles in the nearby 'shires, going to second-hand bookshops and the theatres in all of West End. 

All that said, the visit I had in '11 I did will do for now.

Trafalgar Square, by Mia

*the word "swear" used euphemistically. 

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