Monday, November 16, 2015

Julia Child's La Pitchoune - For Sale

As a cuisine enthusiast when I first heard that Julia Child's home in the South of France (nicknamed La Pitchoune or 'the little one') was for sale, I did not want to pay attention because I wouldn't be the one to buy it. 

I read her "My Life in France," I got the book's account on how La Pitchoune got to be. This one was really owned by a friend whose house is nearby as well and was acquired after her Le Cordon Bleu schooling and she was already very well established. The kitchen was designed by her and mostly constructed by her husband who always showed his love to her in ways like this. Paul Child also designed and made the kitchen which was used in her TV show from 1963 - 1973, the French chef.

For $800,000.00, you'll have a wonderful piece of cuisine history and a really cute home in a place where everyone would love to be. 

I envy her organizational skills. *photo - not mine.

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